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Willkommen bei diodenring.de

Blue Laser Diodes

445nm, 1W Blue Laser Diodes

And so it happened that I got three of those diodes that grow inside the Casio data projectors A140 and M140 like peanuts in their tin - ready to be picked. These little beasts come in handy TO-18 cans and produce an incredible 1W of pure blue laser light. However since they can only be obtained at reasonable price by dissecting the light engine of one of the aforementioned projectors, no data sheet exists for those laser diodes. There has been some investigation about them, and it seems that the ones harvested from the A140 are different to those from the M140. There are a lot of numbers on the net about them, and I will not repeat them here since many of them, especially the maximal optical power the are -in my eyes- pure speculation. According to the net, the M140 diodes are supposed to have about twice the max. optical power, they have a lower threshold current and a higher slope efficiency.

In this small article I show my measurements on one A140 and two M140 diodes. For each diode I plot the optical power vs. current at temperature between 0°C and 50°C, I compare the threshold curent and slope efficiency.



Analysis of the Nikon iTTL protocol

In this article I describe my findings on the iTTL protocol used by Nikon to control on-camera electronic speed lights. I will include information on the physical layer, serial data transmission, commands, timing, frame composition, and standard sequences like ON/OFF, and firing a flash.