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Triple PWM


Triple PWM Testboard

PIC18F1330 and high power PWM


Just for fun I developed this neat, little PWM evaluation board. Containing a USB interface, a rotary encoder and three half bridges capable of providing 8A at 100V max, this board provides a very versatile small, yet powefull development platform.

Since this is work in progress, and since I started the project only two days ago, I can't provide much information yet. Drop me a line for the preliminary schematic, or code.

But I have a nice picture:




Currently I have wiritten a small programm, that generates three sine waves, each with its own phase. The incremental encoder sets the frequency, and current data is send out over the USB interface. All works nicely.

 Here is the schematic and the board layout.


A further update including some code will follow soon.



toastedcrumpets  - Sine wave generation     |2010-02-07 11:29:20
Hey Achim,
I just wanted to know how you generated the sine wave in the PIC? Was
it with a look up table, or did you do some analogue smoothing?
achim  - Sine wave generation   |2010-02-07 16:08:24
Hey Marcus ;-)
I'm using a numerically controlled oscillator and a lookup
table. A nice different approach to calculate a sine wave in realtime
is to use the following recursive formulas:
a(t+delta_t) = a(t) + b(t)*d
b(t+delta_t) = b(t) - a(t+delta_t)*d

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